Sports Mouthguards

Made to measure mouthguards that are comfortable and secure, to protect your precious teeth and gums from serious harm during contact sports. 

Why choose a custom mouthguard?

 Custom mouthguards are made to fit your unique mouth and offer the maximum protection available from a mouthguard during contact sports. They are much more comfortable than generic mouthguards and do not require you to keep your mouth shut to keep the mouthguard in place.

We can also make mouthguards for braces and other dental concerns, which accommodate wires and ensure protection for your expensive dental work as well.

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Personalise your mouthguard

Rainbow, sparkle or show your team colours.  Mouthguards don't have to be boring. We can make your custom mouthguard in any colour combination you can dream of, and we can even put your name on it!

How a custom mouthguard is made

Dental impression

First, we make an impression of your teeth to get an exact mold of your mouth.

Plaster mold

Next, we use the impression to make a plaster mold replica of your teeth.

Mouthguard is molded

Finally, the dental grade mouthguard material is heated and pressed over the mold, then cooled to create a comfortable and durable mouthguard.

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